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Our team works to be better every day

At CacheFly we believe that our small team, working together, with great technology, can make a bigger impact to our customers than any other company on earth. That's what has motivated us the last 16 years to show up to work every day, ready to take on the issues our customers face. By working to understand what customers are looking for through our Trusted Partnership Advantage on-boarding process we have built long lasting business relationships and custom CDN environments for our customers. The Anycast infrastructure we pioneered in 2002 is supported by an engineering team of  smart and talented people. We're always excited to work with new customers, partners and individuals who see the world the way that we do.

How it all began

Way back in 1999 CacheFly started as Downloadhosting.com. As a response to the need for high quality, reliable file distribution for small software developers. Initially, advertiser supported, popularity with larger developers resulted in the addition of a pay-per-use system to the business model providing ad-free downloads. Working off the success of the Downloadhosting.com platform, CacheNetworks was launched in 2002 to provide a worldwide footprint for customers.

CacheNetworks worked closely with select customers and pioneered the use of TCP Anycast – creating the world's first TCP Anycast-based content delivery network, and the only system built for throughput. Thorough research and development with users paid off, resulting in unsurpassed reliability and performance worldwide. After years of comprehensive testing and development, the CacheFly service was launched in March of 2005 to give a new generation of customers access to the best in content delivery.

What our business partners say about us


"Cachefly just works. Our users don't have to think about how they get our programs; they just do, fast and easily. The show must roll on and CacheFly keeps them flowing without a hitch"

-Leo Laporte, Founder, Owner & Host, Twit.Tv


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Ars Technica

"Cachefly has exceeded our expectations on every level, from the technical operation of actual service to the top-notch support staff and their responsiveness. I can't say enough good things about CacheFly."

-Jason Marlin, Director of Technology, Ars Technica


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