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CacheFly Tops “Best CDN” List for Second Year in a Row

For the second consecutive year, TopTenReviews, a leading independent third-party products, services and software reviewer, released its 2015 Small Business CDN Reviews and Comparisons, naming CacheFly #1, and Gold and Excellence award winner for best CDN in that category.

The 2015 Small Business CDN Review includes reviews and comparisons of some of the top performing CDN providers: Highwinds, MaxCDN, EdgeCast/Verizon, Amazon CloudFront, CDNetworks, Internap, CDN77, and BitGravity.

According to TopTenReviews, “CacheFly’s simple pricing model, extensive selection of services and excellent performance puts it at the top of website accelerators for small businesses…for what you get, CacheFly offers the best and most transparent bang for your buck.”

TopTenReviews used data from multiple tests on multiple days using Cedexis, an independent tester of cloud products, to determine average CDN response time, and average error rates. Criteria for reviewing and comparing the CDNs included average response time (in milliseconds), error rate, Points of Presence (overall and USA only), real-time reporting, full Gzip compression support, instant activation, transparent pricing, contract-free, API support, control panel, static file delivery, video streaming, storage, multi-CDN compatibility, software distribution, game publishing, dynamic content acceleration, support of shared and custom SSL certificates, security threat protection, token authentication, support, and 100% uptime guarantee.

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Top 10 Tips for Evaluating CDN Providers

Are you getting the most out of your CDN provider?

Not all CDNs are built the same. Whether you already use a CDN or are searching for one, this e-book covers the important criteria you need to know to effectively evaluate and choose a CDN provider that supports your growing business.

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ebook evaluating cdn providers

RegattaCentral Sails in Response to High Traffic, Worldwide

RegattaCentral, the one-stop rowing source, serves 350 regattas and 2k rowing clubs, each year, throughout the world. Rowers visit to register for regattas, programs, clubs, camps, clinics, and more—generating tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world. For big races, RegattaCentral’s website can exceed 90k visits/day, with registrants from over 30 countries.

These types of traffic surges proved to be too much for RegattaCentral’s dedicated servers, causing the site to load slow.

Before minor issues in performance could become major issues, the rowing source’s Founder, President and Chief Architect, Steve Lopez, took action to make improvements.

“My goal was to improve the perceived responsiveness of the website by offloading the content and pushing it on a different domain or sub-domain…I saw the value of CacheFly having endpoints across the world, since we have customers all over the world…CacheFly seemed to offer an excellent cost-performance ratio, and the performance was quite attractive,” said Lopez.

Read why CacheFly is RegattaCentral’s CDN of choice.

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Now Supporting Multiple FTP Logins

We’ve listened to your feedback and are proud to announce a new feature in our customer portal.

CacheFly customers will now have the ability to create multiple FTP users and secure them to a specific directory.

Setup is a breeze!

First, expand the Account Settings menu to reveal the submenus. Click on FTP Child Accounts and you’ll see the account configurator.

multiple ftp logins

Next, click on Add new FTP child and fill in the username, password and directory you wish to keep this user locked into. Click save and you’ll now have an additional user that will be able to upload.

multiple child accounds
Please note that child user logins will be in the format of parent_child (e.g. A child with the username “demo” will login with “screencasts_demo”).

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Maximize Your Security with Origin Shielding

Whether it’s a new product launch, update, or in-demand podcast — spikes in traffic can be common. That’s why you use a CDN.

But what happens when traffic surges cause an overload of requests to your origin servers? That’s right. Your servers become overloaded and latency occurs — even if you use a CDN.

At CacheFly, we want all of our customers to succeed, that’s why we maximize your security with Origin Shielding. We protect your origin from an overload of requests — by caching requested content to a surrogate server, so you can reap the full benefit of CacheFly.

How does Origin Shielding work? 

Our origin shield protects your origin servers by automatically designating a POP for requests in the event of a cache miss. The designated POP will then make a request back to the origin to pull content, thereby preventing massive amounts of worldwide requests from hitting your origin servers.

Benefits of our Origin Shielding:

  • -Maximize security and mitigate risk by protecting/shielding the origin.
  • -Ensure the fastest performance by eliminating the risk of a cache miss.
  • -Get an extra layer of security without any added cost.

Experience the fastest throughput performance — without sacrificing security. Get started with our free trial today.

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