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Now Supporting Multiple FTP Logins

We’ve listened to your feedback and are proud to announce a new feature in our customer portal.

CacheFly customers will now have the ability to create multiple FTP users and secure them to a specific directory.

Setup is a breeze!

First, expand the Account Settings menu to reveal the submenus. Click on FTP Child Accounts and you’ll see the account configurator.

multiple ftp logins

Next, click on Add new FTP child and fill in the username, password and directory you wish to keep this user locked into. Click save and you’ll now have an additional user that will be able to upload.

multiple child accounds
Please note that child user logins will be in the format of parent_child (e.g. A child with the username “demo” will login with “screencasts_demo”).

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Maximize Your Security with Origin Shielding

Whether it’s a new product launch, update, or in-demand podcast — spikes in traffic can be common. That’s why you use a CDN.

But what happens when traffic surges cause an overload of requests to your origin servers? That’s right. Your servers become overloaded and latency occurs — even if you use a CDN.

At CacheFly, we want all of our customers to succeed, that’s why we maximize your security with Origin Shielding. We protect your origin from an overload of requests — by caching requested content to a surrogate server, so you can reap the full benefit of CacheFly.

How does Origin Shielding work? 

Our origin shield protects your origin servers by automatically designating a POP for requests in the event of a cache miss. The designated POP will then make a request back to the origin to pull content, thereby preventing massive amounts of worldwide requests from hitting your origin servers.

Benefits of our Origin Shielding:

  • -Maximize security and mitigate risk by protecting/shielding the origin.
  • -Ensure the fastest performance by eliminating the risk of a cache miss.
  • -Get an extra layer of security without any added cost.

Experience the fastest throughput performance — without sacrificing security. Get started with our free trial today.

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We’re Now Serving Guadalajara, LaPaz & Jakarta

We continuously work on our infrastructure to ensure your end-users receive the best in content delivery — no matter where they reside.

That’s why we’re happy to announce that we’ve added three new points of presence (POPs) to our network infrastructure, to better serve your audiences near Guadalajara, Mexico; La Paz, Bolivia; and Jakarta, Indonesia.

With a total of 41 POPs, this brings our current POPs per region count to:

AMER: 14
EMEA: 19

View all POPs on our Global Network Map >>

ExakTime gives users the FASTEST software downloads

More than 20,000 organizations rely on ExakTime for wireless time tracking and payroll solutions. However, new software releases, consisting of large 100-150MB files, to thousands of global customers, began to max out bandwidth from their South Bend, Ind.-based single location servers. ExakTime found themselves at high risk of customer churn due to slow downloads.

According to ExakTime’s Director of Software Development, Eric Renken, “We started doing our research and found some CDNs — most of which were outrageously priced. We needed performance, global coverage and speed…Doing it ourselves wasn’t economical.”

After undergoing a free trial, ExakTime chose CacheFly. Find out why.

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We can purge your edge cache. . . Really Fast

Are you annoyed by waiting for things to happen?

Fed up with micro-managing web updates?

Wouldn’t you rather say, “make it so…” and move on to the next item in your to do list?


Introducing CacheFly’s new and improved Reverse Proxy purging system. We’ve now managed to update edge cache and measure it in milliseconds. Take a moment to watch our demo video, which demonstrates what we mean by ‘really fast’.

Whether you have 5 or 5 million objects, our instant purging system can handle it all.