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Need the Best CDN for Australia?

Good news for anyone with Aussie-based traffic: We’re now serving Melbourne.

Our new Melbourne POP is deployed in Equinix’s brand new $60M Melbourne data center, “ME1.”

equinix melbourne

Equinix Melbourne Data Center (Photo Credit: Equinix)

With edge caches now in three Australian locations—Melbourne (Equinix), Sydney (Equinix) and Perth (WAIX), we’re significantly improving our Australia CDN presence to ensure that your end users will receive incomparably faster delivery than with any other CDN.

equinix ME1

Equinix’s New $60M Data Center in Melbourne, “ME1.” (Photo Credit: Equinix)

Why Australia?
Our decision to deploy in Melbourne—Australia’s second largest market—follows in response to the high projected growth of Internet traffic in Australia. Analyst firms such as Frost & Sullivan predict the Australian IaaS market to grow at a CAGR of 14% between 2013 and 2020, reaching $1.36 billion by 2020.

Jeremy Deutsch, Managing Director, Equinix Australia, had this to say about our partnership: “CacheFly’s deployment in ME1 is further proof that Equinix’s interconnection solutions provide a competitive edge for business. CacheFly is a clear leader amongst Content Delivery Networks, whilst Equinix is dedicated to bringing global leaders the power of interconnection. With ME1, CacheFly now has the ability to connect in many ways to many customers, partners and geographies in order to accelerate its business performance and create new opportunities.”

Melbourne marks our 41st POP, globally, following our recent launch of POPs in Jakarta, Indonesia and La Paz, Bolivia.

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7 Reasons To Choose CacheFly for Software Delivery

Delivering slow downloads are an easy way to discourage potential customers from purchasing your software. Whether you offer large file digital downloads, or load web apps to global customers, speeding up delivery should be on the top of your priority list.

Not just any CDN will do. If you’re a software provider, distributing large file downloads to global customers, you need CacheFly. Here are seven reasons why you should choose CacheFly to deliver your software.

1. Highest Throughput Delivery for Large Files.

How fast a user can download your software depends on a CDN’s throughput performance. Throughput, also known as, Time To Last Byte (TTLB), is the rate of successful delivery, from response time—to fully downloaded files. Network monitoring companies like New Relic, Cedexis and CloudHarmony, now provide Real User Monitoring (RUM) to measure CDN throughput. What do the results show? That CacheFly’s global throughput delivery performance is second-to-none.

CacheFly eclipses all major CDNs in overall throughput performance of a 100KB file in the U.S.

CacheFly eclipses all major CDNs in overall throughput performance of a 100KB file in the U.S.

2. Infinite Scalability for Large Software Releases and Updates.

Scalability ensures that as your customer base grows, your download performance won’t suffer—no matter the file size of your software. CacheFly is infinitely scalable to handle huge traffic surges, seamlessly.

3. Secure Delivery.

CacheFly provides a security platform that works to maintain secure control over your content. In addition to supporting SSL certificates for secure transmission of your files, CacheFly offers token-based authentication called ProtectServe, which ensures only authenticated users have access to your files.

4. Push Updates Faster.

Some CDNs will take up to 24 hours to replicate files to push your mission-critical updates. CacheFly offers super-fast replication of your content to deliver updates to your users within seconds.

5. Gzip Compression.

The larger your files, the longer it will take to deliver. CacheFly provides gzip compression to automatically compress files to further reduce transfer time. Gzip compression not only optimizes files for faster delivery, but also lowers your bandwidth costs by using less data to deliver your files to an end user.

6. 100% Availability SLA.

CacheFly ensures the highest availability and guarantees continuous network uptime 100%.  No scheduled maintenance, no emergency maintenance, no nonsense.

7. Flat-Rate Global Pricing.

CacheFly offers simple and affordable plans—with flat rate pricing for delivery to end users anywhere in the world.


Take it from our customers:

Dan Santoni

“I think software authors should all be using a CDN to distribute downloads. People want this stuff fast…By implementing a CDN, we get more successful trial downloads and more successful installs that subsequently lead to sales.”   -Dan Santoni, Inspyder Software

Gustavo Sanchez Kivuto Downloads Faster

“We chose CacheFly because of the large Content Delivery Network they offered, multiple server locations around the world that could offer high speed downloads to our clients globally, and the ability to protect download links.”   -Gustavo Sanchez, Kivuto


A software download that takes too long can mean the difference between gaining and losing a potential customer. Every second counts. Offload your overloaded servers and save bandwidth by delivering your software from CacheFly.

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Coming Soon: SaaS Acceleration—
Dynamic Delivery Built for SaaS

There’s no question—SaaS adoption is growing. Global SaaS software revenues are projected to reach $106B in 2016, increasing 21% over 2015. However, the risk of slow performance is critically high.

If your SaaS app (or web app) is slow, why should your customers be loyal to you?

As you grow, hundreds of thousands of trips, global requests from global customers, and constantly changing dynamic content will inevitably cause slow performance—a frustrating experience for end users. SaaS users not only want a killer product—they want a seamless and efficient end-user experience. With SaaS contracts being conveniently short, and a plethora of other options out there for them to choose from, delivering a better end-user experience now is critical.

You can ensure faster delivery to provide a better quality user experience.

We’re pleased to announce we will soon be launching our new dynamic delivery CDN, SaaS Acceleration, custom-built for the fastest delivery of SaaS and web apps. SaaS Acceleration instantly delivers your mission critical apps faster for your global end users.

Delivering your SaaS app faster can help you:

  • Achieve LAN-like performance.
  • Stay ahead of other SaaS and web app providers, and compete with on-premise solutions.
  • Drive revenue and grow user base faster than ever before.
  • Reduce operational costs by offloading content from your existing infrastructure.
  • Be perceived as more trusted and reliable.

SaaS Acceleration is uniquely built to perform. We optimize our network using:

  • First-mile direct connectivity with cross-connects in on-net facilities.
  • First-mile on-net connectivity in AWS, Rackspace, Heroku, Digital Ocean, and more.
  • A global, intelligent hybrid middle-mile network.
  • Global multi-origin load balancing.

Drive user engagement. Be the FASTEST. Now.

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CacheFly SSL Support

We receive a lot of questions regarding our SSL support. CacheFly provides a few options to make sure your content is securely delivered. Let’s go over the SSL options that CacheFly provides.

Shared Domain
The Shared Domain option uses CacheFly’s SAN certificate’s wildcard for the domain. Shared Domain SSL is provided, free of charge, on every CacheFly account. This allows you to take advantage of the encryption that SSL provides without the need to purchase SSL support. Because this option uses our domain you may only want to use this option when there isn’t a need to have your own domain in the URL of a static object. This is usually used to avoid browser warnings when loading static content on a page that is encrypted with another certificicate. Unlike other CDNs, we do not charge extra for SSL requests, and SSL is available immediately following account creation.

Shared Certificate
The Shared Certificate service option uses CacheFly’s SAN certificate like our Shared Domain option, but instead of using CacheFly’s wildcard shared domain, you get to use your own custom domain name. This would be a good option if you required SSL encryption on your static content and there’s a possibility of seeing the URL in your browser address bar. Some prefer, or require that the domain for the static content match that of the site referencing that content. The addition of your domain name to our SAN certificate requires authorization from you, to our Cert provider, and generally takes 24 hours to setup.

Shared Wildcard Certificates
If you have more than one sub domain that you would like to use to secure you content we also offer Shared Wildcard Certificates. This option works like our Shared Certificate offering—but instead of adding a static domain to our cert, you can choose to add a wildcard domain. This may make more economical sense if you have lots of sub domains that you would like us to support.

Both of our Shared certificate services have fees associated with them. This is includes a setup fee, and an MRC (Monthly Recurring Cost). Your sales manager can supply you with the details regarding the costs associated with each certificate, and work with you to get these certificate options enabled on your account.

Note: We do not support private third party certificates at this time.

If you’re a CacheFly customer and need assistance setting up a custom or shared SSL certificate, contact Sales at

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CacheFly Tops “Best CDN” List for Second Year in a Row

For the second consecutive year, TopTenReviews, a leading independent third-party products, services and software reviewer, released its 2015 Small Business CDN Reviews and Comparisons, naming CacheFly #1, and Gold and Excellence award winner for best CDN in that category.

The 2015 Small Business CDN Review includes reviews and comparisons of some of the top performing CDN providers: Highwinds, MaxCDN, EdgeCast/Verizon, Amazon CloudFront, CDNetworks, Internap, CDN77, and BitGravity.


According to TopTenReviews, “CacheFly’s simple pricing model, extensive selection of services and excellent performance puts it at the top of website accelerators for small businesses…for what you get, CacheFly offers the best and most transparent bang for your buck.”

TopTenReviews used data from multiple tests on multiple days using Cedexis, an independent tester of cloud products, to determine average CDN response time, and average error rates. Criteria for reviewing and comparing the CDNs included average response time (in milliseconds), error rate, Points of Presence (overall and USA only), real-time reporting, full Gzip compression support, instant activation, transparent pricing, contract-free, API support, control panel, static file delivery, video streaming, storage, multi-CDN compatibility, software distribution, game publishing, dynamic content acceleration, support of shared and custom SSL certificates, security threat protection, token authentication, support, and 100% uptime guarantee.

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