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Many of the world’s most trusted brands rely on us to deliver their content faster for a better end-user experience. We launched our content delivery network services over a decade ago, and still have many of the same clients since we started.

Below are just of a few of the thousands of entrepreneurs, small businesses, podcasts and Fortune 500 companies that we’ve been helping to succeed:

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We rarely have to talk with folks at CacheFly. That's a good sign. Many other companies have approached us since, but we're so happy with CacheFly that we don't even consider it.

Leo Laporte Founder, Owner & Host
TWiT TV Leo Laporte CDN
Learn how TWiT.TV delivers every download fast and seamlessly with CacheFly.


CacheFly has exceeded our expectations on every level, from the technical operation of the actual service, to the top-notch support staff and their responsiveness... I can't say enough good things about CacheFly.

Jason Marlin Director of Technology
Ars Technica Logo Web Speed
Read how Ars Technica delivers their site lightning-fast.


When comparing CacheFly to the cost of bigger CDNs, there wasn't enough of a difference… A lot of CDNs will charge you for every hit. With CacheFly, that initial request is free. CacheFly does what it does, and it does it well.

Steve Rubinstein Chief Operating Officer
Topix Website Performance CacheFly CDN
Find out how Topix reaches massive global audiences faster.


No one launches a serious consumer business without a CDN anymore. You'll get killed. Modern web users expect the fastest possible load times or else they're immediately headed to a competitor.

David Young CTO
Blue Shell Games Logo Faster App Download
Find out how Blue Shell Games overcame the threat of slow app delivery.


I consistently see that people on Twitter thank us for fast downloads. My hope was that we'd be able to offer great download speeds no matter where our audience was located. CacheFly has far exceeded our expectations.

Dan Benjamin Founder & Host
5by5 Fast Downloads CacheFly CDN
Learn how 5by5 serves its global audience with faster downloads using CacheFly.


Our clients and partners frequently perform load tests and uptime monitoring on our service, and we've never failed to meet their requirements…CacheFly is a significant part of that.

John Dietz VP, Products
Adometry SaaS Downloads Faster
Learn how Adometry gives its users super-fast, scalable delivery.


I think all software vendors should use a CDN to distribute their downloads. People want this stuff fast… Successful software downloads lead to sales, so any noticeable slow-downs directly affect our business at the end of the day.

Dan Santoni Inspyder Software, Inc.
Inspyder Logo Software Download Faster CDN
Read how Inspyder pushes out updates and downloads fast.


"After extensively researching CDNs, CacheFly seemed to offer the best package to fit our needs…the fact that CacheFly offers a 100% SLA was an indication of guaranteed quality and high performance."

Huy Truong Chief Operating Officer
Ambient Digital Ad Serving
Learn how Ambient Digital ensures the fastest ad serving network.


We chose CacheFly because of the large Content Delivery Network they offered, multiple server locations around the world that could offer high-speed downloads to our clients globally, as well as the ability to protect download links with the technology of their security platform.

David Law Director of Information Technology
Kivuto Logo CacheFly CDN Software Downloads
Read how Kivuto uses CacheFly to deliver lightning-fast downloads that exceed their clients' expectations.


We couldn't be more pleased with our relationship with CacheFly. There's no conversations needed with an account manager our support, because CacheFly just works.

Dave Hamilton Co-Founder
BackBeat Media Faster Podcast Downloads
Learn how BackBeat Media reaches their global audiences faster with CacheFly.


"We needed performance, global coverage and speed. We needed to get our content closer to the endpoints…Doing it ourselves wasn't economical."

Eric Renken Director of Software Development
ExakTime Software Download Faster CDN
Find out how ExakTimes delivers software downloads fast and seamlessly.


We chose CacheFly after reading some reviews online where CacheFly was ranked to have the best performance...good pricing for the amount of bandwidth needed and responsive and unlimited customer support.

Keith Lammers Systems Analyst, Binary Fortress
Binary Fortress Fast app downloads
Read how Binary Fortress delivers super-fast app downloads with the CacheFly.


We quickly discovered that we were paying 4x more that we needed to with our current CDN, and could save more money with CacheFly.

Julian Perry Managing Director
Limitless Logo Web Performance CacheFly
Read why Limitless switched from a big-name CDN to CacheFly.


Delivering a growing number of files to a growing number of users was becoming very expensive from our hosted service. A single point of distribution also caused problems for customers located in other parts of the world, or in areas where a connection might not be the most stable or fast; CacheFly fixed that.

Brent Kurimoto Engineer
OnOne Software Downloads
Read how onOne achieves fast and seamless software downloads for users anywhere in the world.


I saw the value of CacheFly having global endpoints, since we have customers all around the world…CacheFly seemed to offer an excellent cost-performance ratio, and the performance was quite attractive.

Steve Lopez Founder, President & Chief Architect
Regatta Central Web Performance
Find out how RegattaCentral delivers its site fast for worldwide members.