Podcasts & Audio Delivery

Adam Corolla, Jason Calcanis, Leo Laporte, and Kevin Rose's audience won’t wait for slow delivery of their podcasts, vodcasts and audio. That's why they choose CacheFly to ensure that no matter the broadcast – their content is delivered quickly and reliably without delay or timeouts. CacheFly's scalable content delivery network is capable of handling all kinds of traffic surges, ensuring that your content is delivered with ease.

The CacheFly CDN™ delivers more top podcasts in iTunes than any other CDN, all at up to 10x the performance of other hosting solutions. Our worldwide delivery network puts your audio files at the Internet's major peering points, where we deliver it directly onto end user ("eyeball") networks directly, eliminating latency and offering unmatched performance.

In addition to offering you lightning-fast performance, the CacheFly CDN™ is equipped with:

  • A security platform to ensure that you always maintain control of your podcast.
  • Support of all major media types and is easy integration with all feed management and reporting solutions.
  • Unlimited scalability and a predictable cost model, which saves you money on bandwidth costs and ensures fast delivery to retain and grow you audience.
  • Instant setup. Deliver your content globally in less than 10 minutes!
  • Ability to work transparently with audience measurement tools such as Feedburner and PodTrac.
  • Full Certification with use on iTunes™
  • 100% availability SLA.
"CacheFly just works. Our users don't have to think about how they get our programs, they just do, fast and easily... The show must roll and CacheFly keeps them flowing without a hitch." Leo Laporte, Founder, Owner and Host, TWiT.TV

Stop losing your audience to slow downloads and overloaded servers. Get started with the CacheFly CDN™.

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