The CacheFly content delivery network accelerates the delivery of web objects, applications, objects, files and streaming media while providing bulletproof, leading-edge information security.

CacheFly's ProtectServe offers an innovative industry leading solution, allows customers full access to their files at all times, and a simple interface for modifying files without the need for complicated network API's. CacheFly uses an easily adaptable system that works in real-time and on-demand. The ProtectServe platform is the first solution which gives customers the full power of a CDN (Content Delivery Network) while still maintaining secure control over their files.

Access can be restricted via several methods, all of which are secured by a sure-fire, bulletproof md5-shared secret system.

The following options can be combined to generate a protected link:

  • Timestamp: The link will expire at a specific time (10 seconds, 20 seconds, 1 minute, 1 day, etc).
  • IP Address:The link is only accessible by a specific IP address.
  • Return URL:URL to redirect client to if validation has failed.

The variables are then secured with a md5 hash combining the options and the "shared secret".

Once expire-time is reached, or if the request is from an invalid IP address, customer will be either served a 403 error page, or be redirected to the "Return URL". This offers a fully integrated and transparent user experience, where your own familiar site can explain to the user the reason for failure, and provide a new download link or a new revenue opportunity.

Documentation for generating the secured link can be found in our knowledgebase