Software Delivery

A troublesome software download means that frustration is the first emotion your customers associate with your product, an obstacle that's hard to overcome.

The CacheFly CDN™ offers unbeatable, fast and reliable performance and has handled hundreds of millions of software downloads. Our performance is second to none, with expert technicians available 24/7, prepared to ensure that your software is delivered quickly and reliably.

The CacheFly CDN™ offers significant advantages for software and technology companies, including:

  • Easy implementation. Simple HTML changes allow you to implement CacheFly instantly.
  • Massive performance improvements, up to 10x faster downloads.
  • Unlimited scalability for large software releases and updates, allows your users to download and upgrade fast - without delays or timeouts.
  • Security features block all unauthorized downloads and control access to subscription content.
  • 24/7 Support from experts in content delivery who understand the needs of software companies.
  • URL/referrer blocking rules to prevent simple hotlinking.
  • Powerful, real-time reporting, which provides you insights into how fast your downloads are and the location in which they were downloaded.

Our customers range from small shareware shops to some of the largest software companies in the world. Our worldwide delivery network puts your software at the Internet's major peering points, where we deliver it directly onto end user ("eyeball") networks directly, eliminating latency and offering unbeatable performance.

"CacheFly has outperformed a number of other competitors in terms of uptime and almost flawless operation. In addition to meeting our original requirements, their ProtectServe offering allowed us to provide differentiation of service from our competitors." David Law, Director of Information Technology, Kivuto

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