Website Performance

  Speed counts on the web, and by using CacheFly for your website you can deliver your website up to 10x faster than traditional hosting.

   Whether you're looking to increase your revenue by increasing visitor retention, or trying to impress prospective clients, your success is based on your ability to impress your visitors. Over 60% of visitors said they would not return to a website which had slow-loading pages, and studies have shown that visitors make a decision about 'liking' a website within the first 5 seconds.

So... how fast is your website?

CacheFly makes it faster:

  • CacheFly's BestHop™ traffic management system delivers your content at blazing speeds by delivering your content from the 'edge' of the internet, placing it closer to your visitors.
  • Your content is always available. Guaranteed. So there is no need to worry about losing customers because of an ineffective server or network issues.
  • Offload images, flash, javascript and stylesheets from your origin infrastructure
  • Full support for gzip compression and expires headers

The load-time of your website affects your bottom line, period.

Quick facts about the critical impact of load times:
  • E-commerce sales losses may be as high as $4.35 billion due to slow download user frustration
  • Visitors who consider a website 'fast' will visit an average of 1.6x more pages than on a site they consider slow. That's 60% more chances to close a sale, or a 60% revenue boost for advertising based sites.

Our customers gain a business partner who understands that performance is paramount. We are not in the hosting business; we are in the performance business.

CacheFly delivers over 20 billion hits per month, at speeds that leave even the fastest single-location hosts in the dust.

Find out how much faster *your* site could be and get started today!