Custom CDN

Bandwidth Pooling

Traffic that varies seasonally can be an accounting nightmare. The typical CDN contract reduces per-GB spend by committing to a certain level of consumption each month — the volume discount. This is great if traffic volumes are steady and predictable. But what if your traffic varies significantly month over month? In that case, you're overbuying during your slow months, and getting hit with overages during your busy months. It's the worst of both worlds.
This is where CacheFly bandwidth pooling plans come in. Our Solutions Engineering Team works with you to estimate your organization's use over a year, and creates a pool of data from which you draw each month.
The results are game changing. Volume discount is maximized. Billing becomes steady and predictable. Overages are all but eliminated. Any unused data from your pool is rolled over into your next pool, eliminating waste.

Don't allow your growth to be limited by your CDN's outdated contract structure. Talk to CacheFly now about putting together a solution and an agreement that make sense for the way you do business: