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Core POPs—Our Best Flat-Rate Coverage for North America

The perfect plan if your traffic resides mostly in North America, with small amounts of traffic in Europe and Asia.

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Business Plans

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per month


Included transfer 256 GB/month

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per month


Included transfer 2048 GB/month

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SSL Support

Shared SSL (* – $0 NRC & MRC
Custom SSL Hostname ( – $500 NRC, $100 MRC
Custom SSL Wildcard (* – $750 NRC, $500 MRC
Origin Shielding – $0 NRC & MRC

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Included Storage 1000 MB 2000 MB 4096 MB CALL
Access to Raw Logs in Real-Time
Delivery from 40+ Global POPs
Real-Time Reporting
Comprehensive Access Controls
24/7 Unlimited, Expert Support
SCP, SFTP & rsync Uploads
Protected URLs (md5 shared secret)
SSL (* certificate)
Multiple FTP Logins
HTTP/HTTPS to Origin
Reverse Proxy/ Customer Origin
Instant Purge
100% Uptime Guaranteed
3 Free Zones


How do I get my content to CacheFly?
Files are synchronized to our origin infrastructure via FTP, SFTP, SCP or rsync. Once uploaded, files are delivered from all of our edge locations worldwide. Alternatively you can use origin pull/reverse proxy.

Can CacheFly fetch content from my webserver?
Yep! CacheFly fully supports origin pull/reverse proxy for fetching content. Contact us to find out more!

Can I use my own hostname?
Yes – you’ll first need to add it to your account in the control panel, and then create the appropriate DNS entries.

Does CacheFly support SSL?
Yes! CacheFly Supports the delivery of content via SSL. All accounts are enabled for SSL via their domain. Please contact our sales department if you need a custom certificate.

My current CDN takes a long time to purge files, How quickly are my files available with CacheFly?
CacheFly provides the fastest refresh time in the industry – our new instant purge functionality purges your content worldwide within 300ms, guaranteed.

Is CacheFly SAS 70/SSAE 16 Compliant?
CacheFly is SAS 70 and SSAE 16 Type II audit certified.

Does CacheFly support Live streaming?
We fully support HLS/HDS over HTTP for both live and VOD streams. We recommend BitGravity and StreamGuys for customers needing RTMP streaming support, or needing consulting for live event broadcasts.

Does the CacheFly CDN support gzip compression?
Yes – all html, css and javascript files are automatically compressed – additionally, you’re only billed for the *compressed* filesize delivered to browsers.

Can I set custom expires headers?
Our powerful rules engine allows you to set custom expire headers by file extension and folder.

Does CacheFly support Flash or Windows media server?
We only provide HTTP delivery of video content, however, this ensures that the video is delivered to the user exactly as encoded. Unless you need Live event support, our HTTP delivery platform can meet or exceed the performance of proprietary solutions.

Do you offer plans with more bandwidth?
Absolutely – Contact our sales team and they can prepare a custom plan to suit your needs.

How does the free trial work?
Once you’ve signed up – you’ll immediately have a fully functional account to use. After 14 days, your account will automatically renew on the plan you selected. Any *excess* usage (above the amount included in the plan) during the trial period will be billed after 14 days or at time of cancellation.

When does my account renew?
Accounts are billed monthly on the anniversary date, or the 28th of the month (whichever is earlier). For example if you signed up on March 24th, your first bill would be on April 24th.

What payment options are available after my trial ends, or for an enterprise plan?
We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express – Terms are available upon approval, payable by Paypal, Cheque or Wire transfer. A credit card is required to sign-up online – you can Contact us and request an account if you are unable to provide a credit card.

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