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Real-Time Reporting

Get the power to analyze the most relevant account statistics to forecast future traffic spikes and make better informed decisions. CacheFly’s robust real-time reporting platform gives you aggregate and drill-down insights into where and how fast your content is being delivered.

Drill Down to Actionable Data in Real-Time.

Our control panel’s statistics section provides you with a detailed view of historical and current stats of your usage, allowing you to run a variety of reports, view saved reports, and schedule automated reports to send any report at any time. Reports can be filtered by 95th percentile, daily summary, hour of day, day of week, POP, originating country, file summary, connection type, ISP, referrer by site, 404 by file, and 404 by referrer. Reports can also be sorted using predefined date ranges or custom dates.

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Total Hits & Gigs by POP

Get insights into which POPs your content is being sent from. Generate views of hits by POP and Gigs by POP. Each report provides a breakdown by HTTP status codes to see how caching policies are being handled.

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Real-Time Raw Logs Access

Get instant access to real-time data for all your traffic. Raw logs provides you with a real-time log of all the users who have requested your files, before their information is compiled into graphs and reports. Raw Logs are provided in CLF (Common Log Format) with custom data points pertaining to the CDN appended to end of each entry.

Raw Access Log reports include IP address, time of access, type of access, file/s accessed, browser, and operating system.

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