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Our servers are strategically located worldwide near the Internet’s major peering points, with over 40 Points of Presence (POPs) that connect to these networks — allowing you to place your content closer to your end-users, giving you the FASTEST, more efficient and reliable delivery of your files.

Our secret sauce — TCP Anycast

We changed the game of CDNs when we created the world’s first TCP Anycast-based CDN in 2002, reducing latency and providing a more stable and reliable method for files to be routed to the nearest servers — physically closer to website visitors, resulting in the highest throughput performance of any major CDN on the scene.

In addition, CacheFly has focused on building the only network built for throughput – using a carefully crafted stack of proprietary HTTP software, intelligent TCP improvements and strategic network and peering partners, CacheFly delivers your content fastest, with an industry leading 100% availability SLA.


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Don’t settle for fast.  BE THE FASTEST with CacheFly.

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