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Web visitors won’t wait for ads to load. The faster your network can serve ads, the greater your chances are of having a user click on it. You need a faster, more robust infrastructure to deliver your ads seamlessly.

The CacheFly CDN ensures your ad files are delivered the fastest. CacheFly built the only content delivery network optimized for high throughput delivery, to ensure your ads are delivered faster and more reliably – no matter the frequency or file size.

Here's why advertising companies love us:

  • Highest throughput for frequent delivery of small files and large image files.
  • Real-time reporting for visibility into where and how fast ads are being delivered.
  • Security features like origin shielding, and URL/referrer blocking rules to prevent simple hotlinking.
  • The ability to centralize campaign management with publishers.
  • Infinite scalability to deliver seamlessly during high ad impression volume.
  • 24/7/365 Reliable, domestic support.
  • More control by minimizing the logistics needed to run your own ad server.
  • 100% Availability SLA to guarantee ads will be served at all times.

Our Ad Serving Clients

Among thousands who trust CacheFly for the fastest delivery.

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