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Demand for apps is exploding — making fast delivery a crucial component. Take the load off of your servers and ensure your users get the FASTEST delivery of your web and mobile apps, with CacheFly.

Our TCP anycast routing and worldwide delivery network puts your apps at the Internet’s major peering points, where we deliver it directly onto end user networks, eliminating latency and delivering the fastest file throughput performance.

apps deliveryFastest Delivery for web apps

We ensure your web apps load fast every time, no matter how much traffic you have or where your users are located. We provide HTTP/HTTPS caching, Gzip compression of your HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and optimized routing performance to give your users the FASTEST app delivery.

downloadFastest Downloads for mobile apps

Gain infinite scalability and high throughput performance for your app downloads and updates. We equip you with the throughput performance you need to give your users the fastest downloads — regardless of file size or traffic spikes. In addition, our fast replication times enable you to push out updates in seconds — not hours — to ensure your users get your app updates without delay.

Here's why app developers love us:

  • Highest throughput for the fastest app file downloads.
  • Infinite scalability for seamless delivery during high-traffic launches and upgrades.
  • Security features block unauthorized downloads and control access to subscription content.
  • URL/Referrer Blocking rules prevent simple hotlinking.
  • 24/7/365 Support from CDN experts, who understand the needs of app developers.
  • Full compatibility with all Flash games.
  • Certified Facebook integration with all Facebook apps.
  • 100% Availability SLA

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Among thousands who trust CacheFly for the fastest delivery.

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Need the fastest CDN? Get started with CacheFly and deliver your apps the FASTEST.

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