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Is your website delivered fast enough?

Speed counts on the web. Visitors who consider a website to be “fast” will visit an average of 1.6x more pages than on a site they consider slow. The load times of your website affects your bottom line, period.

BE THE FASTEST with CacheFly. Improve your website performance and save money by offloading your images, Flash, JavaScript and CSS from your origin infrastructure.

Here's why companies love us:

  • Highest throughput performance deliver javascript, html and images LIGHTNING-FAST.
  • TCP anycast optimized routing ensures superior delivery performance.
  • Gzip Compression and Expires Headers optimize data transfer and control how long content is cached.
  • Global delivery to over 40 POPs, near major Internet peering points.
  • Real-time reporting provides insights into where and how fast the site is being delivered to end users.
  • 100% Availability SLA.

More importantly, our customers gain a business partner who understands that performance is paramount. We are not in the hosting business; we are in the performance business. We deliver over 50 billion hits per month, at speeds that leave even the fastest single-location hosts in the dust.

Our Website Performance Clients

Among thousands who trust CacheFly for the fastest delivery.

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Don’t settle for ‘fast’. BE THE FASTEST with the throughput experts.

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