HTTP Features

HTTP Features

CacheFly provides all of the core HTTP features you expect from your content delivery partner, and then some.

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CacheFly's core features help you deliver your content faster, more securely, and with the customizations you need.

At CacheFly, we invest heavily in evolving our standard feature set so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
Multiplexing, prioritization, HPACK compression, and better SEO results are just some of the benefits of HTTP/2.
Token-Based Authorization
Protect your content via cookie or URL with expiry or IP restrictions from any origin.
Real-Time Reporting
CacheFly provides live telemetry views with standard reports updating every 30 seconds.
Instant Purge
CacheFly's 250ms global purge time means your customers never see stale content.
SSL Support
Secure your content using CacheFly's certificate or your own.
Time to Live
Configure the time your objects are stored in a caching system before getting deleted or refreshed.
Compression reduces the file size of text-based objects (HTML, CSS, JS, etc) by about 70%, resulting in faster load times and reduced CDN costs.
Origin Push or Pull
CacheFly can either pull from your origin, or upload files to our storage.
Hotlink Protection
CacheFly can prevent third parties from deep-linking to your content and stealing your bandwidth.
Spike events sometimes generate 15-16M page views. Without a CDN, a big announcement like that would completely shut us down. With CacheFly, you donʼt even see an issue. The CDN just absorbs it, while all other websites in the same scenario are struggling to stay up. Customers commend us on that.
Jason Marlin, Ars Technica

Enjoy the latest HTTP features at no extra cost.

CacheFly's core HTTP features give your dev team complete power over the user experience.
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