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Give your Podcast listeners the fast downloads they need

A traditional web hosting service  is not built for high download volumes or streaming request of larger audio files with intermittent spikes like a CDN is. Learn how adding a CDN solution can optimize the overall experience for your listeners.

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Content Delivery Made Better

Don't let poor content delivery hurt your bottom line.

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Make poor streaming quality, slow downloads, and timeouts a thing of the past

  The key to providing a high quality experience for your listeners is to cut the distance between your listeners and your content. Our worldwide delivery network puts your audio files at the internet’s major peering points for access anywhere regardless of what device they use. Say goodbye to latency. 



 Ensure access to your podcast always with out 100% SLA guarantee. 


No need to fear traffic spikes, our scalable content delivery network is built for throughput, surges in traffic will not prevent your content from reaching your listeners.


Have full control over your audio so only your authorized listeners can access your podcast gems with our trusted security solution. 

We’ve been hosting all our podcasts, audio and video, on Cachefly for nearly a decade. Every month our viewers and listeners download petabytes of data fast and flawlessly. TWiT wouldn’t exist without Cachefy.
Leo Laporte, Founder Twit.Tv

Optimize the listening experience and watch your audience grow

Deliver your large files faster and guarantee a consistent user experience with the highest throughput performance in the industry 

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