Performance matters.

Most CDNs will try to convince you that Time To First Byte (TTFB) is the only measure of a CDN's performance. However, TTFB only measures how fast the web server is able to respond to a request, not Time To Last Byte (TTLB), or the total time from request to download.

You need a CDN that performs from the first byte to the last byte around the world, a CDN as committed to your customer satisfaction as you are. Nobody does this better than CacheFly.

We won't even ask you to take our word for it. Check out the Cedexis performance reports in head-to-head comparisons across the US, Europe, Australia, and China:

Akamai Comparison

CacheFly vs. Akamai

CloudFront Comparison

CacheFly vs. CloudFront

Fastly Comparison

CacheFly vs. Fastly

Limelight Comparison

CacheFly vs. Limelight

Edgecast Comparison

CacheFly vs. Edgecast


Akamai China Comparison

CacheFly China vs. Akamai China


Fastly China

CacheFly China v. Fastly China


Our TCP-anycast technology and infrastructure offers the fewest network hops and the fastest file throughput performance.

A leader in TCP anycast CDN technology, our global footprint on over six continents will deliver your content the FASTEST and maximize customer satisfaction and revenue.

Ready for a CDN as committed to your customer satisfaction as you are? Talk to CacheFly: