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We believe that our small team, working together, with great technology, can make a bigger impact on our customers than any other company on earth.

20 years of service

CacheFly is the only CDN built for throughput, delivering rich-media content up to 10x faster than traditional delivery methods and 30% faster than other major CDNs.

A leader in CDN technology since 2002, CacheFly has held a track record for high-performing, ultra-reliable content delivery for two decades – longer than nearly every other CDN. We pioneered the use of TCP Anycast, an innovation that CDNs continue to build upon. With more than 3,500 clients in over 80 countries, organizations consistently choose CacheFly for scalability, reliability, and unrivaled performance.

2021 Expansion in South America and North Africa
In 2021 we further expanded in South America with 13 PoPs now live, and started expansion to North Africa.
2020 Reached 50+ Global PoPs
2020 was a year of rapid expansion at CacheFly, reaching over 50 global PoPs with Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and Stockholm, Sweden.
2019 Launched new Smart Edge App Platform
New open-source Javascript environment built to run Edge Applications. It gave developers powerful caching, content modification, and routing tools for maximum control of their CDN experience—built-in advanced features such as on-the-fly content optimization with up to 60% reduction in page load speeds.
2018 New Advanced Reporting Dashboard
Launched new customer satisfaction focused initiative. New reporting dashboard designed from the ground up, featuring advanced logging and reporting tools.

2017 40th Global PoP Deployed
Due to our ever-growing demand in the middle east, we added our 40th PoP in Doha, Qatar.

2016 Launched Advanced Media Services
New solution for media serving with progressive downloads, adaptive streaming, transcoding, and transmuxing as added capabilities.

2016 Crossed 15,000 Hostnames
Our continued growth via word-of-mouth referrals and satisfied customers lead us to surpass 15,000 hostnames.

2013 35th Global PoP Deployed
Thanks to the ever-growing list of large global companies, we expanded our presence to 35 PoPs – with Jakarta, Indonesia coming online.

2012 First Multi-CDN Deployment
CacheFly partnered with Cedexis and deployed our first multi-CDN solution, increasing performance by over 50% compared with a single leading CDN.

2010 More Than 2000 Customers Served
Ranging from Fortune 100 companies down to single-person operations, thanks to a predictable cost model, on-demand capacity, and unsurpassed performance, our network grew to over 2000 customers.

2009 17th Global PoP Deployed
Thanks to the ever-growing number of large customers, we expanded to our 17th Global PoP – Madrid, Spain.

2008 Reached 800 Customers
Thanks to fast, high-throughput performance and reliability backed by 100% SLA, we signed up our 800th customer.

2007 #1 in Podcasting
CacheFly partnered with Twit and Diggnation to deliver more podcasts and stories than any other CDN.

2007 10th Global PoP Launched
CacheFly opened our 10th Global PoP in Tokyo, Japan.

2005 Launched CacheNetworks
After years of comprehensive testing and development, the CacheFly service was launched in March of 2005 to bring a new generation of customers access to the best in content delivery.

2004 Pioneered TCP Anycast
CacheNetworks worked closely with select customers and pioneered the use of TCP Anycast – creating the world’s first TCP Anycast based content delivery network. Thorough research and development with users paid off, resulting in unsurpassed reliability and performance worldwide.

Way back in 1999 CacheFly started as as a response to the need for high quality, reliable file distribution for small software developers.

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