Design Your Own CDN

You know your content delivery needs are different from your competitors, so why are you still buying CDN packages?
There’s a much better way. If you want to make your website, app, stream, or other web content faster and of a higher QoS than your competitors, on your terms and to your exact requirements – then CacheFly is here to help.

Easily Customize Your Delivery, Management, and Billing

You heard us correctly! We put you in the drivers’ seat to tell us the technical and contractual terms you need. We’ll then build bespoke cache, storage, and origin solutions to your unique needs, making your CDN switch and experience as seamless and painless as possible.

Customize and manage business processes and workflows, build custom routing rules on top of our global CDN, add edge nodes where you need them most, and control costs by delivering from the PoPs that make the most sense for you.

Additionally, we offer hybrid-CDN if you need more control using Varnish software – check out our CTO, Matt Levine chatting to Varnish about building CDNs.

Customizable Managed Steps

Need to customize edge scripting, routing management, asset management, and business logic? No problem.

Customize and manage business processes and workflows at any stage in the content and delivery management process.

Tired of generic CDNs and want
something custom-built?

Upload or ingest management

Storage management

Cache management

Geographic and traffic management

Delivery and consumption management

Contract and billing management