Security is critical. We want all of our customers to succeed, and that’s why we supply you with the protection you need, at no additional cost. Get bulletproof information security, while accelerating the delivery of your web objects, applications, objects, files and streaming media.

Our security platform provides you with full access to your files at all times, and a simple interface for modifying files without the need for complicated network APIs. We use an easily adaptable system that works in real-time and on-demand. Maintain secure control over your files and achieve enhanced security with token based authentication, which requires users to verify their identity by providing individual security attributes and allowing links that connect to URLs of your choice.


Our md5-shared secret system enables you to create controls over who can access your site, using various methods of access. We offer the following options in generating a protected link:

  • Timestamp: The link will expire at a specific time (10 seconds, 20 seconds, 1 minute, 1 day, etc.).
  • IP Address: The link is only accessible by a specific IP address.
  • Return URL: URL redirects to client if validation has failed.

The variables are then secured with an md5 hash combining the options and the “shared secret.”

Once expire-time is reached, or if the request is from an invalid IP address, you will be served either an “HTTP 403 error page,” or be redirected to a “Return URL.” This feature provides a fully integrated and transparent user experience, where your own familiar site can explain to the user the reason for failure, and provide a new download link or a new revenue opportunity.


Origin Shielding: Protect your origin servers by automatically designating a POP for requests in the event of a cache miss. The designated POP will then make a request back to the origin to pull content, thereby preventing massive amounts of worldwide requests from hitting your origin servers.

SSL Certificate: Maintain secure delivery via a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. This type of encryption allows secure web transmissions of your content. Either access a shared SSL certificate or purchase an SSL certificate from us.

HTTP Rules Engine: Our HTTP rules provide rules-based delivery based on HTTP caching.

Referrer Blocking: Easily deny HTTP requests if the user (requestor) did not come from another web page in the same domain, or domain of their choosing.

Two-Factor Authentication: Get the ultimate protection against fraudulent data breaches with 2FA secure access to our customer portal.

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics: Directly monitor your traffic, and get insights into traffic spikes and issues as they occur.

Need the fastest CDN?  Why wait? BE THE FASTEST, while maintaining maximum security.