Image Optimization

Don't get crushed by image load times

Keep a single image on your origin and let CacheFly handle resizing, compression, cropping, quality settings, delivery, and much more — all done automatically, and all in the background.

 Make my Images Light + Fast 



Content Delivery Made Better

Don't let poor content delivery hurt your bottom line.

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Image Optimization

Eliminate the headache of having to fulfill image request by platform or device.

Ensure  your customers are served the best high quality images to showcase your site. By optimizing images, CacheFly reduces overall page weights. Reduced page weights mean faster page loads. Faster page loads mean better SEO scores, higher conversion rates, increased revenue and happier customers.
Responsive Images
A Javascript library automatically displays the right image to the right platform.
Lighter Mobile Images
Mobile image delivery provides 80% faster loading with 80% less bandwidth.
Image Recognition
Identify faces, objects, and scenes from your images in real-time.
Image Editing
Intelligently crop and watermark images.
We found that CacheFly CDN showed the most solid performance in all 4 categories (1st and average request time, globally and USA only).
Paessler, "Real World" Performance Comparison of CDN Providers
Image Optimization

When 51.12% of global web traffic is mobile, image files need to be light and fast.

Reduce mobile data consumption for your users up to 70% with CacheFly's Image Optimization solution while rendering the best images of your services or products for your customers. 

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