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Where every byte of data finds its happy place.

Cloud CDNs are not your friend

They force you into one-size-fits-all solutions, leaving your data at the mercy of their technical choices. You end up stuck with noisy neighbors, low hit rates, and high origin costs.
Plus, they want to sell you 287 other products. You deserve better.

Your CDN should be your competitive edge

When you’re planning to push petabytes of data every month, you deserve to be in control right from the start. That’s why CacheFly lets you toggle and tailor every setting to create your ideal solution.

Combine that with our exceptional support, and you get a CDN that not only fast-tracks your data but propels your business forward.

You’ll feel like you found a secret weapon.

Get it right from the start

  • Events stream smoothly to millions of concurrent users worldwide.
  • Online Games start 70% faster, scale instantly, and play without lag.

  • Software downloads flawlessly during releases, patches, and updates.

  • HD Video plays on-demand with ultra-fast sub-second start on every device.

  • Podcasts reach global audiences in record speed at any scale.


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White glove support

Double-up your tech credits to save even more and expand your tech team

When your business concept depends on delivering massive amounts of content, you can’t afford to go it alone. As you grow, you’ll be able to talk to a tenured expert who gets it — engineer to engineer.

Their people have call center scripts. Ours have commit privileges.

And the best part — if you’re already in a start-up or early-stage accelerator, you can stack up the tech credits. For example, keep your AWS or Google service credits and add on CacheFly grant credits, too, saving you even more this year!

  • We have integrated support for all cloud services that use Object Storage, such as Google, AWS S3, Backblaze, Wasabi, etc, by doing special header-based authentication to the origin.
  • With Backblaze and Wasabi we have a free egress agreement. With Google, Amazon, Backblaze, Wasabi and Azure we have the ability to use direct connect and improve origin speed/reliability/costs.

How do you score $100,000 to use the fastest,
most flexible CDN on the planet?

Apply for a CacheFly’s innovator grant

Check out our tech

Make sure we make sense for your situation. Sign up for a free developer account to tinker and test if we’re a fit.

Apply for a grant

Submit your concept for a quick evaluation. If selected, enjoy $100K in CDN services for your first year.

Accelerate your content

Accepted to receive an Innovator Grant? We’ll notify you. Not accepted? Get a free account with 5TB monthly data.

CacheFly Innovator Grant Program

CacheFly selectively supports innovative technology, streaming and gaming companies. Each year companies apply and are chosen for inclusion in the grant program which provides them with up to $100,000 in CacheFly credit for CDN services for a full year. There is no future purchase requirement, but many firms choose to remain with CacheFly.

To apply visit www.cachefly.com/innovator-grant and complete the application form.
You will receive a confirmation and possibly some follow-up questions.
If accepted, you will be given a link to setup your new service.

As part of the application process, we collect information that helps us assess the long-term viability of your new product in today’s competitive marketplace. Depending on how you interact with us, we may collect aspects of personal information about you along with detailed information about your company.

We will never share or resell this information.

The application will ask questions in the following categories:
• FOUNDERS: Identifiers such as your name, address, email address, online identities.
• COMPANY: Commercial information, including products or services offered.
• TRACTION: Funding, advisory support, sales or other KPIs of success.
• SERVICE NEEDED: Estimate of bandwidth use, scalability, services required for success as it relates to digital content delivery and CDN services.

We’re seeking to work with tech disruptors, digital pioneers, innovators, code warriors. The unconventional thinkers who refuse to conform to the norms and restraints of the billion-dollar behemoths that seek to stifle individuality and innovation.

Because innovators are the ones who perceive and reimagine the world through a unique lens, breaking boundaries and pushing the limits of what’s possible.

So if you are an entrepreneurial rule-breakers, rule-makers, and rule-benders, reshaping the future with their boundless creativity to entertain and educate the world. If you’re charting a new course in the world — we want to support you.

You can use your CacheFly Game Changer credits for CDN Service Plans (at a flat rate of $.08 per gigabyte for any of our standard POPs) and add-on services, including image optimization, VOD Caching, Storage Optimization, and security features like WAF. After receiving your grant approval email, you can meet with a CacheFly account manager for a comprehensive list of eligible services. After 12 months, you can opt-in to our pay-as-you-go, business, or enterprise plans based on your needs.

We make multi-CDN integration or switching to CacheFly easy.

Work with a team that makes multi-CDN headache-free, with exceptional engineering support, custom solutions, cross-provider integration of all the features you love, and superior redundancy with CacheFly added into the mix. If a multi-CDN strategy is what works best for you, then we’re more than happy to be one of as many CDNs as you need.

Switching CDN provider? Take a look at our guides to see how simple set-up can be.

AWS to CacheFly

Azure to CacheFly

CloudFlare to CacheFly

Google Cloud to CacheFly

Join the ranks of the turbocharged

CacheFly just works.
Our users don’t have to think about how they get our programs; they just do, fast and easily…the show much roll and CacheFly keeps them flowing without a hitch.

Leo Laporte, Founder, Owner, and Host, TWiT.TV
CacheFly has exceeded our expectations on every level, from the technical operation of the actual service to the top-notch support staff and their responsiveness. I don’t believe our CDN has ever suffered noticeable downtime.
Jason Marlin, Director Of Technology, Ars Technica
Cachefly stood above the competition with their sensible and affordable pricing, clean interface, and straight forward API. And in 10 years, CacheFly has never failed to deliver (both literally and figuratively).
Dan Benjamin, 5by5

Not just fast—CacheFly fast! 

Snag the ultimate power-up for tech leaders.