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   Your bandwidth usage changes throughout the year, but your bill shouldn't have to.  We'll project the yearly traffic you'll consume to create a custom usage pool. Each month, simply use what you need from your pool. 

No waste, no monthly overages, no billing spikes. 




 Hassle-free implementation


  • Up to 6TB bandwidth per month

  • HTTP/2 Support
  • Token Based Authorization 
  • Realtime Traffic Reporting
  • SSL Support (*
  • Origin Pull or Push Upload




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Everything in Standard plus;


  • Discounted per GB rate 
  • Custom HTTP Rules
  • Custom Origin Shielding
  • Custom Domain SSL
  • Image optimization - By optimizing images, Cachefly reduces overall page weight. Resulting in faster load times, better SEO, higher conversation, and happier customers.



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Everything in Pro plus;


  • Custom per GB pricing based on volume  
  • Enterprise Sign-On (SSO)
  • Custom Alerting
  • Self-Service Certificates
  • Dedicated IP
  • Priority Support
  • Multiple Origin Support
  • No Monthly Overage Charges
  • Security - Our CacheFly Suite, powered by Zenedge, is a cloud-based cyber security system that is effective, easy to implement, and doesn't require any hardware purchases.

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