Amazon AppStream cloud-based streaming service announced

Amazon Appstream will allow developers to stream their apps across a variety of devices.


As smartphone and tablet technology advances at a rapid pace, some consumers feel pressure to upgrade their devices as frequently as possible to keep up with technological trends and ensure that their current hardware is compatible with the latest apps.
The new Amazon Appstream service may take pressure off consumers who can’t upgrade as often as they’d like, offering a cloud-based streaming service that shifts processing from user devices to servers. In theory, the service could allow developers to build apps or games without having to worry about hardware varieties in the smartphone and tablet market.
Amazon’s Vice President of Amazon Web Services Andy Jassy said this technology is an opportunity for developers to create applications that are “not constrained by the compute power, storage, or graphical rendering capabilities of the device,” TechCrunch reports. Because the device is only streaming the content, rather than handling the heavy-lifting of processing HD content, consumers using less-equipped devices won’t need to worry about experiencing issues when they try to run an app. This will help alleviate the pressure for consumers to keep up with the latest devices and upgrades.
The Amazon Appstream service uses Amazon STX technology, which allows developers to stream any individual component of their app or game and render all graphics in the cloud. Apps that utilize Amazon Appstream can also send data gathered from device sensors back to the cloud.
Of course, the downside to this technology is that users who tap into the remote cloud-based service will need a broadband connection at all times, limiting the possibilities for smartphones not connected to Wi-Fi. Gaming apps will also need to find a way to eliminate lag from the experience if it is to succeed where similar streaming services, like OnLive, have failed.
Amazon Appstream is currently in a testing phase with a handful of selected developers. If the service catches on, consumers may reap the benefits of true cloud-based app architecture that can deliver a premium experience to users, no matter what kind of mobile equipment they are using.
Image source: Flickr

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