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Don't let poor content delivery hurt your bottom line.

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Stop losing customers to poor website performance.

Slow sites mean lost revenue — and seconds matter. Today's web and mobile users expect performance. In e-commerce, time really is money.

Improving page load time by just 1 second:

  • Increases pages viewed per session by an average of 13.3%
  • Decreases bounce rates by an average of 13.9%
  • Improves conversion rates by an average of 27.3% across various conversion types, including downloads, purchases, video playouts, etc.

CacheFly's global content delivery network puts your web assets closer to your users, on incredibly fast connections, resulting in dramatic improvements in page load times. In addition, our image optimization service reduces bandwidth and load time by an average of 57%. By reducing demand on your origin, we provide consistent performance to your customers — even during surges. 

If you're like most people in e-commerce, you have felt the stress of surge traffic. With CacheFly, you can relax, knowing your customers are getting to the products and services they want at lightning fast speeds.

The latest information matters.

Just imagine if you never had to worry about old pricing or incorrect inventory causing a headache for your customer service and operations teams. Guaranteeing that the latest information is always live isn't just a nice-to-have capability — it's a critical success factor.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Zero downtime.

For small and mid-sized businesses, the average downtime for a disaster event is 107 minutes. At roughly $7,900 per minute, this equates to an average loss of over $845,000 for a single event. Just out of curiosity, have you quantified what downtime means to your business?

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