Mobile: The future of cloud computing

As Cloud-based services continue to grow in number and utilization, mobile access to these services is becoming more important.


As cloud-based services continue to grow in number and usage, with a new “as a Service” acronym (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, DaaS, DBaaS, etc.) seemingly added every month, there remains little doubt that the age of cloud computing has dawned. The desire for 24/7 access to personal and corporate data is also driving an increase in the number of mobile applications using the cloud.

Any business looking to migrate their mission-critical systems to a cloud service to allow employees to work from iPads, iPhones, or Android devices needs to ensure that their cloud-based applications operate with minimal slowness and latency. After all, if the mobile cloud truly is the future of cloud computing, extra effort needs to be made to ensure it is a future with superior performance.

Leveraging a content delivery network for the best mobile cloud performance

Whether a business’s goal is to enable employees to access corporate systems from a SaaS service or to have customers download a large game app for their smartphone, speed is of the essence. No business wants to deal with unproductive workers or disgruntled customers. Partnering with a content delivery network (CDN) makes sense for companies that want the best possible performance from their mobile cloud application. An industry-leading CDN provides access to the Internet’s most important peering points, ensuring the fastest download times and latency-free performance wherever the user’s location may be.

In addition to top-ranked performance, the best CDNs also provide seamless scalability as a business grows or a game app becomes more popular. Robust security features ensure that no unauthorized downloads or compromised corporate assets will occur. Since the mobile cloud is becoming an important part of the overall cloud computing industry, it remains vital that companies take into account the unique issues that play into the always-on nature of mobile cloud-based applications. Using a CDN is a great way to ensure both happy employees and customers.

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