BackBeat Media Reaches Global Audiences Faster with CacheFly

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CacheFly Team

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April 24, 2014

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BackBeat Media, an interactive advertising and web publishing company, works with advertisers, such as Apple, to achieve long-term returns by developing targeted, demographically desirable online communities in the form of premier sites and podcast networks.
Due to the popularity of today’s Apple products, global demand grew for BackBeat Media’s Apple-focused podcasts, consisting of Mac Observer, Mac Cast, Mac Geek Gab, Mac OS Ken, and many other of their Apple-focused communities. However, BackBeat Media’s internal infrastructure wasn’t built to accommodate the heavy bandwidth needed to process massive surges in traffic. Co-Founder of BackBeat Media, Dave Hamilton, knew that in order to effectively run their business and achieve their mission to grow audiences for clients, they needed a way to offload their bandwidth and scale to reach global audiences faster and more reliably.
“Given the widespread popularity of the Apple audience, it was necessary to use a CDN to quickly reach audiences spread throughout the world,” said Hamilton. “One of our other challenges was figuring out how difficult this was going to be and whether we’d be able to get our content to the edge to reach our clients’ audiences quickly enough.”
BackBeat Media chose CacheFly.

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