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July 3, 2014

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To protect our customers against fraudulent data breaches, we have taken account security to the next level by integrating Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).  We evaluated several of the 2FA solutions on the market, and Authy gave us the easiest implementation, a great mobile client, and great customer support. If your organization is looking for a two-factor authentication solution, we highly recommend Authy!
What is two-factor authentication?
Two-factor authentication is the second level of authentication to an account login, where 2-3 types of credentials are requested to provide login access. These include either something you know (e.g. PIN, password, etc.), something you have (e.g. ATM card, token, etc.), or something you are (e.g. fingerprints, voice prints, iris patterns, etc.). With 2FA, the user must correctly enter two of these three factors to successfully login.
To enable two-factor authentication, follow the steps below.  


Step 1: Login

To setup two-factor authentication, simply login as usual, then click on “manage two factor auth.”

Step 2: Settings

Step 2: Settings

Enter your email and mobile phone number to receive a link to download the Authy app.


Step 3: Retrieve your unique token

After downloading the Authy app onto your phone, it will ask you to register your phone and text you a unique token number.


Step 4: Add your Authy token

Enter your unique token into your account portal and click “finish.” You’re done!

Step 5: Login

Step 5: Login

You will then see a confirmation, stating “This account is protected by two-factor authentication.” Next time you log in, you will be asked for your token code as the second level of authentication.
Are you using two-factor authentication for your business yet? Find out more information on Authy’s two-factor authentication by visiting

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