Maximize Your Security with Origin Shielding

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December 9, 2014

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Whether it’s a new product launch, update, or in-demand podcast — spikes in traffic can be common. That’s why you use a CDN.
But what happens when traffic surges cause an overload of requests to your origin servers? That’s right. Your servers become overloaded and latency occurs — even if you use a CDN.
At CacheFly, we want all of our customers to succeed, that’s why we maximize your security with Origin Shielding. We protect your origin from an overload of requests — by caching requested content to a surrogate server, so you can reap the full benefit of CacheFly.

How does Origin Shielding work? 
Our origin shield protects your origin servers by automatically designating a POP for requests in the event of a cache miss. The designated POP will then make a request back to the origin to pull content, thereby preventing massive amounts of worldwide requests from hitting your origin servers.

Benefits of our Origin Shielding:

  • Maximize security and mitigate risk by protecting/shielding the origin.
  • Ensure the fastest performance by eliminating the risk of a cache miss.
  • Get an extra layer of security without any added cost.

Experience the fastest throughput performance — without sacrificing security. Get started with our free trial today.

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