Online media usage drives modern education and schooling

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January 21, 2014

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These days, education isn’t only limited to the classroom. Modern teachers are leveraging online media usage to provide students with an interactive and mobile platform to learn any number of subjects. Because of these new, innovative content delivery methods, educational websites need to provide a superior technical infrastructure to ensure the best possible learning environment for students.
Slow loading images and substandard video performance hamper the educational mission. Teachers and students will quickly get frustrated if an interactive teaching session gets bogged down due to a poor website. Smart educational institutions need to explore partnering with a content delivery network (CDN) to ensure the online classroom thrives.

Content delivery networks are a must for online education
Whatever the format online education takes, be it audio podcasts, interactive media, or video classrooms, top rank technical performance is a must. Learning becomes very difficult when the process is hampered by less than optimal rich media delivery. An industry leading content delivery network (CDN) is a vital partner for online schools and any educational entity with a Web-based presence.
The best content delivery networks offer features that optimize online video and audio for students. These features include access to the Internet’s most important peering points, ensuring fast delivery of content no matter the location. This is a must for online colleges that market their offerings to potential students all over the country.
Integration with all the major media formats makes sure compatibility issues won’t be a problem for students and teachers. Top rank security features keeps access to educational content under tight control. A 100 percent service level agreement ensures downtime stays at an absolute minimum.
In today’s changing educational landscape, online media usage plays a large role in how teaching gets done. Any educational institution looking to make a Web-based presence needs to explore a partnership with a content delivery network. The process of learning thrives online, provided the technology is there to support the experience.
Image source: Wikimedia Commons.

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