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At CacheFly, we believe that our small team, working together, with great technology, can make a bigger impact to our customers than any other company on earth.

ExakTime gives users the FASTEST software downloads

ExakTime gives users the FASTEST software downloads

More than 20,000 organizations rely on ExakTime for wireless time tracking and payroll solutions. However, new software releases, consisting of large 100-150MB files, to thousands of global customers, began to max out bandwidth from their South Bend, Ind.-based single...

We can purge your edge cache. . . Really Fast

We can purge your edge cache. . . Really Fast

Are you annoyed by waiting for things to happen? Fed up with micro-managing web updates? Wouldn't you rather say, "make it so..." and move on to the next item in your to do list? US TOO! Introducing CacheFly's new and improved Reverse Proxy purging system. We've now...

ExakTime gives users the FASTEST software downloads

CacheFly Now Using Authy Two-Factor Authentication

To protect our customers against fraudulent data breaches, we have taken account security to the next level by integrating Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).  We evaluated several of the 2FA solutions on the market, and Authy gave us the easiest implementation, a great...


Why Do Companies of All Sizes Choose CacheFly?

CacheFly has exceeded our expectations on every level, from the technical operation of the actual service to the top-notch support staff and their responsiveness. I don’t believe our CDN has ever suffered noticeable downtime.

Jason Marlin

Director Of Technology, Ars Technica

CacheFly just works. Our users don’t have to think about how they get our programs; they just do, fast and easily…the show must roll and CacheFly keeps them flowing without a hitch.

Leo Laporte

Founder, Owner & Host, TWiT.TV

Cachefly stood above the competition with their sensible and affordable pricing, clean interface, and straight forward API. And in 10 years, CacheFly has never failed to deliver (both literally and figuratively).

Dan Benjamin