With CacheFly, 5by5 gives their global audience super-fast podcast downloads

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CacheFly Team

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February 28, 2014

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5by5 is an Internet broadcast network known for such shows as, The Talk Show, Back to Work, The Big Web Show, Quit!, and more. Since its inception in 2009, 5by5’s audience grew to millions of listeners all over the world, causing traffic spikes that overwhelmed their single-location servers and increased the risk of slow download speeds and audience turnover. According to Dan Benjamin, developer, founder and host of 5by5, “Our podcasts average about 30-40 MB in size, and our servers would take a hit and saturate their bandwidth whenever we’d publish a new episode of our more popular shows.”
Benjamin researched his options and knew that a Content Delivery Network’s globally distributed infrastructure would be the most viable option. 5by5 picked the CacheFly CDN to deliver their podcast files fast to their global audience. “Providing everybody with fast downloads is critical for us, and CacheFly has a network designed for this purpose,” said Benjamin.

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